its kinda scary how your whole life depends on how well you do as a teenager 

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Falling asleep next to someone you love is such an indescribable feeling. Just drifting off together, have those random middle of the night conversations. Watching them doze off next to you, feeling their warm breath as they exhale, falling asleep to the sound of their heartbeat. You feel like you wouldn’t rather be anywhere else in the world. And you just lay there and think, “I love you”.

Demi stopped her speech before ‘Warrior’ after seeing a sign with ‘StayStrongMilena’.

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You know what the scariest thing about loving someone is?

The fact they could just be lying the whole time about how they feel. Its just their words against the feelings flowing thru ur body. And one day they could just decide that they’re tired of lying,an they leave you empty and cold and they’ll take your heart with them and never look back.



I wanna be cuddled right now and have my back rubbed until I fall asleep.



it makes me so happy that strangers find me followable 

In a miss you mood. Grrrr

I’m so going to be up late 😒🔫